Purchasing a sewing machine for yourself can be a daunting task especially if you are just a beginner. However, in no way should you settle for just any sewing machine without considering what will be ideal for you and what will be not. Since these machines can be a costly affair, you must look for some specific characteristics before buying one. Therefore, following are some of the criteria that should not be overlooked if you want to buy the best sewing machine for yourself.

      ·Weight – First of all, you must decide whether you would want to set your machine at a dedicated place or whether you would like to carry it along as and when needed. If your case is the latter one, then portable and lightweight sewing machines will ideal. However, a very lightweight machine can also become a hindrance in your work because they won’t be sturdy enough to deal with heavy fabrics.

       ·         Suitability – Almost every sewing machine is able to handle mid-weight fabrics, cotton and the like. However if you would be making use of a number of fabrics then choosing the machine accordingly is recommended. Like for example:

o   For thick fabrics such as denim, Elna sewing machine like Elna 3210 will be an ideal choice. It is convenient to use and at the same time it is tough and strong for handling heavy materials.

o   If you want to stitch curtains, just make sure to purchase machines that have large extension table, e.g. Kyokuto 31-2202.

       ·         Auto-thread function – Some people may have weak eyesight which may become a problem in manually passing the thread through the needle of the sewing machine. In such a case, it is always better to opt for machines having auto-thread function which will simplify your work and save your time too.

·        Accessories – Make sure that the machine you are willing to buy has the required accessories available with it. In this context, computerised sewing machines will have an edge over the non-computerised machines. Example: For embroidery, you can trust the Japanese brand “Brother”. They are one of the well-known manufacturers of sewing machines and particularly of embroidery machines. The benefit of choosing Brother sewing machines is that they are competitively priced. In addition to that even the lower priced Brother sewing machines will have a number of features.   

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